Tini Meyer + Story to Your Space


International Contemporary Artist

Born in the Philippines and originally based in Vancouver and Madrid, Tini now splits her time between Abu Dhabi and Manila, where she is an active part of the burgeoning arts community. As an artist, Tini is fascinated by the concept of public art in public spaces, which hasled to commissions by developers in Canada and the UAE. She is also part of the Newertown creative platform in London, where she exhibits regularly. Her paintings narrate her journeys by using form, color and texture to share cultural experiences. Current developments in her work focus on evolving indigenous materials with contemporary relevance, exploring the social and environmental issues which surround us.

At a grass roots level, Tini is a regular supporter of charitable causes and has campaigned for an affordable studio centre in Abu Dhabi in an effort to foster an artist haven within the emirate. She is also deeply involved in promoting Filipino art and culture by curating exhibitions for Filipino artists internationally. Using art as a medium for cultural dialogue, Tini aims to support the Philippines in becoming a part of the global art circuit.

Her artwork can be found in corporate and private collections worldwide.

"Text courtesy of Newertown Art"


Artist Statement

“The combination of beauty, flow and symbolism in my artwork creates a strong poetry. Each piece is unique and I enjoy creating a mystical quality through light, texture and layers that invites the viewer’s imagination to reach into the artwork.

Scale fascinates me, working from small to large in 2D and 3D, as well as exploring spatial relationships in diptychs and triptychs.

Working on public art commissions captivates me because I enjoy collaborating with other people and sharing their creativity. Space also plays an important factor as each location has a different story and ambiance.

I believe that public art brings communities together, helping people to connect and transcend social boundaries. The stories art conveys can lead to the kind of dialogue that brings people together.

By traveling extensively I have been able to move through many cultures and observe the effects of art in public places. International perspectives on culture challenge me to learn about others and in turn, about myself. This unique insight into human experience is the story I bring to life on canvas."